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Stage Fabrication: Things You Should Consider

In any event, all eyes will be on the stage because this is where the action happens. The stage is where the attendees watch, listen to, and interact with the speakers or performers. There are many different and often complex elements needed in building the perfect stage. Fabricating and installing the platform, backdrop, marquee, props, lights, and sound system takes a lot of meticulous planning. Below are a few things you should take into account.

Size of the Stage

When determining stage size, it should be large enough to accommodate the activities to be done on the platform itself.For instance, are there going to be only speakers or lecturers? Or, is it a mix of speakers, performers, video presentations, and more? The size should be based on the activity that will require the largest area.

Even if there are only individual speakers or performers, one or more of them may be bringing large props, massive audio visual presentations, or they simply walk around a lot, thus requiring more than ample space. Always consider everything that the performers will be doing when determining the size of the stage.

Number of Attendees

The number of people attending should also be a factor in the requirements for fabricating the different elements of the stage and the stage size itself. You don’t want the props, signage, and other adornments to be too small to see. Although video screens may be used to reach people far from the stage, it is always more impactful to watch what is happening on the actual stage than on wide screens.

Conversely, if you are expecting a small crowd, there is no reason to fabricate a very large stage. A small stage with a small crowd will require you to add more details to stage elements. But if you expect a large crowd and your stage is small, make sure the stage elements will have a lot of impact. At the end of the day, you want your attendees to grasp the message you want to convey.

Budget for Stage Fabrication

In any project, it is essential not to spend over the approved budget. Come up with a stage design that can be executed without over spending. You will need to choose suppliers and contractors based on their cost, quality of product, delivery time, installation requirements, assistance during and after the event. These services are not cheap. Use your negotiation skills well so you can have a stage fabricated without breaking the bank.

Lead Time Before Event

Start planning and vetting contractors and suppliers as soon as you have the date of the event. You need as much lead time as possible. The less time you have, the more expensive outside services can get. Also, you may not be able to hire the stage fabrication companies you want to work with because they are already committed to other clients.

A well designed and executed stage is vital to any event. This is where most of the activities will occur. The right props, equipment, lighting, signages, and graphics are important elements to any stage design. So, don’t make it hard for you and your team. Call Creative Creations now and hire the best company to design, build and install all your stage and backdrop needs. With Creative Creations by your side, your event will surely be a triumph.

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