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Event Props That Take Your Attendees to the Next Level

With the right event props, you can excite your attendees and pique their curiosity about the whole occasion. Well selected props are capable of building anticipation, exhilaration, and can even thrill people. It sets the mood for the affair and can also animate attendees and make them more participative during the event. Here are a few props you can use to create an unforgettable occasion.

Aerial Displays and Entertainers

Don’t waste overhead space! Hang a few choice props from the ceiling. Make these props bold and interesting to catch the eye of your attendees. You can also suspended video screens overhead to display presentations, photos, or live scenes happening during the event or captured from other locations. To go a step further, why not hire aerialists who can entertain guests while waiting for the main event to commence.

Photo Walls and Responsive Flooring

When you have a long walkway from the entrance to the main hall, set up an interactive photo wall. As the attendees walk past each video screen and step on the responsive flooring, the photo or video on the screen changes. It makes the photo or video walls more engaging, getting attendees more involved. Moving scenes that allow attendees to be part of the actual scene will both wow and delight them.

Giant Props

Event attendees are always on the lookout for social media worthy props that can get them a large number of thumbs up from their followers. Giant, well-made props are a great way to promote more selfies and photo sharing online. Have large scale renditions of items found in nature, or go huge with objects like food, clothing, books, vehicles and more; imagine a shrunken Alice when she was in Wonderland. When hiring a company to make your huge props, make sure to work with a fabricator who does high quality. You want your props to be well-made, authentic, and breath-taking.

Swags, Grab Bags, and Refreshments

It’s always a good idea to give your attendees something to take home. Assemble a swag or grab bag that is worthy of remembrance even weeks or months after your event. Work with your sponsors to fill the swag bags, the more items, the merrier your guests will be. Together with the grab bags, have a refreshment stand, a cocktail bar, food booths, or servers going around offering hors d'oeuvres or any light snacks as well as drinks. Attendees will appreciate a bite and sip or two prior to the main affair.

Interactive Props

Use props that attendees can interact with easily. Aside from set-ups that can be seen and heard, you can have props that attendees can touch, smell, and maybe even taste. Give attendees a chance to play and interact with the props. For example, have separate rooms, staircases, swings, or mini-carousels or rides. Give them the 4D feel they are not used to when attending events. The more animated your guests are, the more excited they will be for the main program.

Whatever props you choose, remember that your choices should always be based on the theme and objective of your affair. Choose cohesive props that will push your event’s message forward. Creative Creations is waiting for your call today to help you decide on what props you will need. With a highly creative and professional team on staff, Creative Creations can produce the props that will make your event a winner.

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