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Eye-Popping Entrances: 5 Ideas to Captivate and Charm Your Guests

When planning for an event, the décor inside the actual event is as important as what your guests will see outside. The entrance is their first taste of what to expect in your event. You want to create an entry way that will not only attract your guests, but also charm and captivate them. Here are some ideas of entrances that will wow everyone in your next affair.


A well-designed and executed tunnel entrance can be an unforgettable event element. It is an interesting way to move from the outside to the inside of your event space. A floral tunnel adds a lovely flair to weddings and product launches. Futuristic tunnels with the right accompanying lights and sounds make for an out-of-this-world entrance. Projection mapping can be used on a tunnel gateway to show photos and videos. And, draped fabric, when used right, can give a sophisticated feel to the arrival area.

Fascinating Cut-Outs

The James Bond gun barrel graphic is one of the most iconic cut-outs that guests can walk through. It can be paired with other 007 graphics to give an air of mystery and danger. Other eye-catching cut-outs are the round hobbit door from the Lord of the Rings, the movie film strip graphic, the museum-style frame, the Jaws shark mouth, the Alice and Wonderland keyhole, the Chronicles of Narnia wardrobe door, to name a few.

Natural Elements

Entering an event decorated with living plants and birds in cages can be very interesting and unique. You can also have a waterfall or rock formation fabricated for the entrance. It is always refreshing to have natural elements in an event especially if the event is indoors. Of course fresh floral archways and entrances never go out of style. Let your theme dictate which of Mother Nature’s gifts you should use for the gateway to your event.

Crystal Curtains

Crystal curtains give your entrance a strikingly expensive feel. It adds a wow factor to the event when executed right. Work with your event designer to decide on bead shapes, sizes, and colors. You can go for clear crystals or use colored ones depending on your theme and what you want to project to your guests. Pair your crystal curtain with the right lighting set-up to bring out the sparkle. Apart from crystals, you can also use silver discs or special beads.

Jewel Toned Carpets

A red carpet makes people think of Hollywood stars entering exclusive events. But other carpet colors, when paired with the right design elements, can also elevate your event foyer. Use the theme of your affair to dictate the color of your carpet. It is best to use jewel-toned colors (emerald green, royal blue, fuchsia pink, and more) for a dramatic flair. If there are steps leading to the entrance, cover the steps with the carpet for a more theatrical feel.

Whatever type of entrance you choose, do not forget to use the right lighting elements and music to make sure your entrance is well-lit. Create an entrance that is so eye-popping that guests and even outsiders would want to share it in social media. Creative Creations is just the company that can help you design and execute a photo-worthy entrance to your next event. Contact Creative Creations now and find out more about their professional services.

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